GRiP covers a broad spectrum in recruiting, from college graduates and young professionals across all career levels to Managing Directors or Senior Partners. On the client side, we work for private equity, venture capital, real estate and hedge funds as well as family offices, management consultancies and industrial companies.



In order to meet at any time the needs of our clients at home and abroad, we are constantly working on the maintenance of our candidate pool and on the expansion of our network. As the sole search firm GRiP is regularly present on campus at leading international business schools and remains in contact with their alumni.

Top Management
To identify a specialized senior executive often resembles searching for a needle in a haystack. We know the individual needs of our clients and use our wide ranging network as well as long-standing personal relationships with our candidates to competently fill vacancies on senior level. Particularly here, we support our clients through comprehensive HR consulting in the context of the existing corporate structure and the integration of new executives.

Junior Manager und Young Professionals
In times of high staff turnover and drastic changes, vacancies quite often occur at mid-career level. We advise our clients in defining the right requirements for their openings. Our database offers efficient tools for the fast identification of responsive candidates whose profiles correspond to the respective requirements. For highly specialized client needs, we can also tap into our international networks.

Entry-level positions
In the never-ending "war for talent" the competition for the brightest young talents starts already at college. We reach out to outstanding undergraduate, graduate and PhD students from select universities to introduce them to attractive entry-level positions. Our clients can get to know them already through internships.


The long experience and flexibility of our team allows us to always be open to new challenges.


Clients in the areas of private equity, venture capital, direct lending, and real estate as well as family offices form the core of our customer base for years. In addition there are always mandates in Asset Management, Distressed Debt / Hedge Funds, and Impact Investing.


In consulting we work with both small specialist firms as well as global consulting companies for which we typically assist in the search for specialized experts.



GRiP counts businesses of all sizes as its clients - from startup to global corporation. We typically fill vacancies at or close to Board level such as in general management, business and corporate development, strategy and project management.