A successful career requires long-term planning. Our consultants are in regular contact with leading universities and business schools around the world in order to identify exeptional students at an early stage. More experienced professionals, we address directly or through various networks. We accompany candidates from the time of first contact, offer help in all aspects of career planning, and value a long-term relationship with them.


Who we look for

Senior Professionals
Innovation and changes within enterprises often require the lateral hire of an external top manager. GRiP provides management positions in companies such as Partner, Managing Director, and executive or non-executive Board Members.

Junior Manager
For professionals with a couple of years of professional experience GRiP offers a wide range of options to lead their career further. Often a move makes sense from professional services to corporate or entrepreneurial positions, which include personnel management and / or profit and loss responsibility.

Young Professionals
A flattening of the learning curve is typically a signal for re-orientation. Here we can point out challenges in a new environment for further professional and personal development. For example, we often accompany young professionals when moving from consulting to industry or from investment banking to private equity.

Studenten & Absolventen
Entry level positions for graduates in areas such as private equity, venture capital or as executive assistants are rare and not often visible in the job market. We can offer an already early insight into such areas through internships with our clients. All year round we are looking for outstanding graduates with excellent degrees and relevant first experiences. Furthermore, we outline options and ways to build a long term career in the desired functions and industries.

Are you interested in challenging perspectives and in individual support on your way to success? Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation!


Simply send an email along with your current CV to office@grip-eu.comWe will get back to you promptly.

No, GRIP Personal Consulting is not an employment agency; therefore you can only be employed directly by a client company.

We store your documents internally and – provided regular updates received from you – can even years after our first contact bring new opportunities to your attention.

Im ersten Schritt möchten wir Sie kennenlernen, um eine bessere Vorstellung sowohl von Ihren Erfahrungen als auch von Ihren kurz- wie langfristigen Karrierezielen zu gewinnen. Dies erlaubt es uns, Sie stets über für Sie in Frage kommende Positionen aus aktuellen Kundenmandaten zu informieren.

In the first step we want to get to know you, to gain a better idea both of your experiences as well as your short-and long-term career goals. This allows us to keep you up to date on current client mandates with potentially suitable positions.

Yes, we are constantly looking for outstanding students for attractive internship opportunities with our clients.

This can differ greatly, as it depends on the market and mandate situations.

Our work relates to mandates given by our clients. We will gladly bring appropriate openings to your attention. Beyond these, we can give you tips to further your own job search initiative.

Absolutely, we like to talk with you in detail about any vacancy which matches your profile.

Comprehensive details on the positions we would like to give you in a personal discussion.

No, for a candidate our services come free of charge. In return, however, we expect from you that you keep all information about clients and positions strictly confidential.

You are more than welcome - should we currently indeed have no suitable opening, we would gladly add your details to our database and get back to you as soon as a potentially matching opportunity shows up.